Behavioral Wellbeing

Welcome to Blue Ridge Veterinary Behavior Services

At Blue Ridge Veterinary Behavior Services we are committed to helping you understand your dog or cat’s behavior, and create solutions that meet the goals for you and your pet. We understand that dealing with your pet’s behavior concerns can be distressing and damaging to the relationship that you share. We are here to help. 

We help build better relationships

Our 3-Pronged Approach

Veterinary behavior solutions for improved pet & human relationships.

The relationship between you and your pet is what ultimately needs to improve. Dr. Pflaum, April Kormanec, and Danielle Winkelman understand how important it is to apply consistent, effective methods. This includes when you are at home or out in the real world, continued practice is a huge component of achieving success.

What to expect from working with us:

An individualized treatment plan to meet your goals

We will help you understand why the behavior is occurring

Strengthen the bond you share with your pet

What is a Fear Free Elite Professional?

Dr. Pflaum is a Fear Free Elite Certified Professional. He is passionate about using both evidence and positive reinforcement-based behavior modification plans to ensure we are meeting the underlying emotional needs of your cat or dog in our solutions program.

Previously a Veterinary Technician, April Kormanec provides low-stress pet handling, and education, and teaches hospital staff proper handling skills. She holds a Sophia Yin’s Low-Stress Handling Certification and received a scholarship from the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians to attend the Karen Pryor Academy.