How does it work?

Initial Behavioral Health Assessment
The first visit is primarily a diagnostic assessment where we review in-depth history and discuss the diagnosis and prognosis. At the end each pet receives an individualized treatment plan which typically includes recommendations for behavioral modification, environmental management and safety, and medications if appropriate. While behavior modification will be discussed, training is not included in the session.
(~60-90min): $375

For an additional pet with a problem directly related to the primary pet’s problem (example: two pets that are fighting): $150

From there 15-60min followup visits may be provided as needed (The number of recommended rechecks depends on the specific needs of the patient, but they are often spaced out every 4-6w at the beginning: $60 per 15min.

We will also recommend follow up treatment training sessions with a recommended training partner.

Email followup will be available within 1 year of the most recent exam.

Office hours by appointment only. Evening and weekend appointments available