Dr. Pflaum has a special passion and soft spot in his heart for our feline companions.

At Blue Ridge Veterinary Behavior Services, PLLC, here are some examples of the concerns we address:

Aggression towards people or other animals

Eliminating outside of the litter box

Inappropriate scratching

compulsive behaviors

Destructive or unruly behavior

Getting to the vet

Giving your cat medication

Cognitive decline

Excessive vocalization

If your concern is not listed, chances are we can help. Please contact us.

How does it work?

Initial Behavioral Health Assessment
We provide ~1hr initial consult appointments to discuss the diagnosis and initial management plans.
(~60-90min): $275

For an additional pet with a problem directly related to the primary pet’s problem (example: two pets that are fighting): $150

From there 15-60min followup visits, or hands-on training sessions may be provided as needed: $40 per 15min.

Email followup will be available within 1 year of the most recent exam.

Office hours by appointment only. Evening and weekend appointments available

Ready to get started resolving your cat's issues?